How much is this worth?

No one thinks that they will be the victims of catastrophic damage to their homes and businesses, so most people buy a Property Insurance Policy and assume that everything is covered.

Unfortunately, when damage happens then reality sets in, because insurance companies will “Delay, Deny and Defend” themselves against your claim and fight you to reduce the amount of your property damage claim. For those unfortunate people, without the help of Public Adjusters, most claims get denied or underpaid and sadly they discover that their property is not worth as much as they thought.

ClaimsAdvisor. Be Prepared. It’s free.

You’ll Need Proof of What You Own.

Insurance companies require evidence of what you own, so you’ll need to take 2-4 photos of each room in your home and business BEFORE you suffer damage and file your claim. Just 2-4 photos, it’s very easy, and we have some tips to show you how to do it. In addition, uploading the sales receipts for the things you purchased helps to establish their replacement value. Uploading your insurance policy will allow your Public Adjuster to review it when the need arises. ClaimsAdvisor itemizes all your belongings for property insurance claim proof and securely backs-up your insurance documents and photos BEFORE any damage occurs. Then when Damage occurs, we do the heavy lifting.

ClaimsAdvisor takes the stress and guess work out of protecting your investment in your home and business, and their contents by offering:

FREE secure cloud storage
of insurance policies and pictures/receipts of insurable assets

One button Claim Alert
Activate notification to a licensed Public Adjuster to get you all the money you deserve to replace your belongings

*Policyholders who used a Public Adjuster on catastrophic loss claims increased their property damage claim settlement by 747%
*$15,158 is the average increased recovery amount for insurance claims handled by a Public Adjuster
Get a call back from a licensed and vetted Public Adjuster after activating your Claim Alert

Three Easy Steps

Isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to ensure that property damage doesn’t damage your life?
number 1
Take 2-4 photos of every room in your home and business
number 1
Upload your photos, receipts and insurance policy to our cloud
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When disaster strikes, Login to your dashboard, Tap the “New Claim Alert” Red button and you’ll hear from us within 30 minutes

Public Adjusters are experienced and licensed professionals who work exclusively on behalf of Policyholders to help them recover a proper and equitable settlement on the property damage claim. Public Adjusters evaluate damage and rebuilding costs, prepare reports for filing your claim, and negotiate with property insurance companies to achieve settlements and expedite payments. Public Adjusters represent your interests, where insurance companies work to benefit their own interests. Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis earning a percentage of the recovery, which is shared with ClaimsAdvisor, at settlement. If there is no recovery you pay nothing.

ClaimsAdvisor works with licensed Public Adjusters who are vetted and prequalified to match their experience with the needs of YOUR property. Experience matters whether you have a single family home or high rise office building.

“We are impressed with the thorough process, and the attention to detail displayed in their reports and estimates. My Public Adjuster has communicated all steps involved, and we look forward to updating this review, detailing our full experience, after the conclusion of our claim.” - Asuzu Miramar, Florida
“After successfully negotiating these 2 claims I can’t express enough how pleased I was with Joe’s exceptional expertise and devotion in getting me cash in hand within only 3 months from start to finish on both claims” - Sherrie Margate, Florida
“The ClaimsAdvisor service gave me a great peace of mind… to know that photos of my personal belongings in my house are securely stored with ClaimsAdvisor should I ever need to file another claim and need to prove what I lost to my insurance company.” - Marilyn Coconut Creek, Florida
It only takes a few minutes to protect everything you own.

When you sign up for ClaimsAdvisor you’re protecting your investments and your belongings BEFORE any damage. Without it you could damage the rest of your life. It’s easy, safe and secure and only takes a few minutes to sign up. Take photos and upload them to our cloud. We’ll help you with every step. And of course we hope you never have to use it, but if something does happen and you have to push the Claim Alert Red Icon, you’ll be contacted within 30 minutes. A vetted and prequalified Public Adjuster will be your advocate and fight for your settlement with the insurance company so you get all you deserve. It’s like insurance to protect you from your insurance company.

And it's free. Do it today.