When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, each individual situation is unique, but there are many common questions that we have simple answers for to help you to be prepared.

Whenever you file a property damage claim, your insurance company requires that you prove what has been damaged and what was the cause, yet neither your agent nor your insurance company informs you of this in advance. The burden of proof is on you and your obligations are buried in the text of a lengthy policy.

Insurance companies pay fees to your agent for selling you their policy and your agent’s interests are not yours. Agents make you feel good with pleasant customer service, but when you have a claim, you are on your own to deal with the insurance company.

The Claims Departments in insurance companies are profit centers and not customer advocates. Their mission is simple… deny or settle claims for as little money as they can. Insurance companies habitually Delay, Deny and Defend Property Damage Claims and without professional help from a Public Adjuster most claims get denied or underpaid.

Proactively protect your assets and be prepared for an unforeseen property damage event. No one can predict when you will suffer property damage but when it does happen, you must be prepared to face the resistance from your insurance company.

Being able to prove to your insurance company the pre-loss condition of your property and its contents greatly increases your chances of reaching a just and equitable settlement.

It’s simple… in advance of any damages, you need to have your insurance policy and photo inventory of your belongings password protected, encrypted and securely stored in the ClaimsAdvisor Cloud. ClaimsAdvisor makes it simple, easy and safe to be prepared.

When you suffer property damage, speed of response is essential to comply with the terms of your Policy. When you’re with ClaimsAdvisor, the only thing a property owner has to do is to just tap the “Claim Alert” red icon on the ClaimsAdvisor site and help is on the way.

ClaimsAdvisor knows the location of the damaged property and the location of the nearest vetted and prequalified Public Adjuster, we will call you within 30 minutes to discuss the damages and schedule the crucial first inspection of damages right away.

That’s it… the Claims process starts with the Public Adjuster handling the rest.

As a Property Policyholder, the ClaimsAdvisor services and cloud storage are free to you.

It only takes a few minutes to protect everything you own.

When you sign up for ClaimsAdvisor you’re protecting your investments and your belongings BEFORE any damage. Without it you could damage the rest of your life. It’s easy, safe and secure and only takes a few minutes to sign up. Take photos and upload them to our cloud. We’ll help you with every step. And of course we hope you never have to use it, but if something does happen and you have to push the Claim Alert Red Icon, you’ll be contacted within 30 minutes. A vetted and prequalified Public Adjuster will be your advocate and fight for your settlement with the insurance company so you get all you deserve. It’s like insurance to protect you from your insurance company.

And it's free. Do it today.