Cloud Storage

ClaimsAdvisor offers Free Cloud Storage to Property Insurance Policyholders allowing you to upload and store your Property Insurance Policy, receipts, invoices, statements and other documents, authenticating the cost and value of the contents, belongings, equipment, artwork and jewelry that is covered by your Property Insurance Policy. We offer Free Cloud storage up to 150 Megabytes for each Property.

Public Adjusters

A Public Adjuster is an independent insurance professional, licensed by the State’s Insurance Department, who will assist Property Policyholders to prepare, file, process and settle Property Damage Claims. Public Adjusters work exclusively for Policyholders and serve as their advocates. Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis, and earn a percentage of the recovery settlement, as authorized by each State.

ClaimsAdvisor maintains a roster of carefully vetted Public Adjusters, who have been pre- qualified, based on their experience with specific types of Properties. Some Public Adjusters specialize in single-family homes and condominiums while others may specialize in commercial Properties, such as office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses. We guarantee that your Public Adjuster will be experienced with your type of Property.

Admittance of a Public Adjuster to our roster is a privilege, as we only accept the best in the business that meet or exceed our rigorous selection criteria. We do not sell leads or territories to Public Adjusters.

Claim Advisros Collaborating

Speed of response is one of the cornerstones of ClaimsAdvisor.

The minute you have Property Damage, sign-up right away if you haven't already, set up your password and then in your dashboard click the “NEW CLAIM ALERT” red button to activate our rapid response services. Our system knows the location of your damaged Property and can locate the nearest vetted and pre-qualified Public Adjuster who is available to call you to discuss your damages and schedule the crucial first inspection right away.

First, your Public Adjuster will conduct a thorough inspection of your Property and will gather the facts and evidence, including floor plan measurements, and photos and videos of your damages. Secondly, your Public Adjuster will review your Policy Terms and Conditions and will determine the next steps. For example, you may need an inspection and report from a plumber or roofing contractor to substantiate your claim. Together, you and the Public Adjuster will discuss and agree on your strategy to move forward, and will review and execute the Public Adjuster’s Services Agreement.

It only takes a few minutes to protect everything you own.

When you sign up for ClaimsAdvisor you’re protecting your investments and your belongings BEFORE any damage. Without it you could damage the rest of your life. It’s easy, safe and secure and only takes a few minutes to sign up. Take photos and upload them to our cloud. We’ll help you with every step. And of course we hope you never have to use it, but if something does happen and you have to push the Claim Alert Red Icon, you’ll be contacted within 30 minutes. A vetted and prequalified Public Adjuster will be your advocate and fight for your settlement with the insurance company so you get all you deserve. It’s like insurance to protect you from your insurance company.

And it's free. Do it today.